Why Google will Keep, Keep

I have made a presentation on why I belive Google will Keep Google Keep.

This is my thoughts on the Technology Singularity, and what the next steps of computing will be.

2 thoughts on “Why Google will Keep, Keep

  1. Joe Bloe

    And the next thing you know….big brother knows everything about you, and yours. SAS, Offsite Backups, Cloud Computing (unless a secure private cloud) is just what they all want you to think is the way to go….
    Hang it out there for HS, CSSIS, the NSA, and one, or several vendors (or worse) to see, inspect and dissect.
    How about Google (or any other vendor) who promotes this stuff as the wave of the future guarantees privacy. That only YOU can access the data. That it is 100% redundant and guarantee the value of the data (if it disappears or is ” suddenly” corrupt) should you require retribution/compensation.
    Do you think that will ever happen?.
    I don’t think so and good luck with that,
    Thanks, but NO THANKS!

    FOSS but only of its hosted in MY CLOUD…as in HEY, YOU! GET OFF OF MY CLOUD!!!

    1. nightred Post author

      This is a very good point, The important takeaway is that yes a personal self hosted cloud is the smart move that you or your group of trusted people will use.
      What would elevate this to new levels is if you had controlled federation with other clouds you trust.


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