Rogers Federal Government Cell Plan

This week we have seen a nice leak from of the Rogers Federal Government cell plan. You can see this plan below in the attached image. The plan is meant for only official business and does not provide any funds to upgrade or install new towers as was explained to me, but this does reflect the cost of using the current infrastructure.

This shows how little it costs to use the service and how you can look at your own bill and calculate nice and fast how much you pay. I have 3 lines all with 1 GB of data usage, Voice-mail  SMS, Caller ID, Canada wide calling, and I pay 50$ plus tax per line a month. I also do not call people often, my bill reported around 300 min usage across all my lines last month with no long distance. I also used a total of 1.5 GB of data across all lines. My SMS usage was around 800 messages (rounded up) and I do not send picture messages.

Time for math: (Woot)
1.5 GB data at 0.03$ per MB is 46.08$
300 min of local calling at 0.01$ per min is 3.00$
800 SMS at 0.00$ is 0.00$
Lets not forget the plan rate of 0.55$ per line is 1.65$
My bill on this plan for all three lines is 46.08$ + 3.00$ + 0.00$ + 1.65$ = 50.73$
I would be saving a total of 99.27$ if I was to use this plan instead of my 50$ per line plan. 

Is the extra acceptable increase to allow for new coverage? I do not know, but I can tell you that I was promised LTE in Winnipeg, MB by the end of 2012 and we still do not have it as of this writing. 

Federal Government Cell Plan

Federal Government Cell Plan

Do you think this is fair or do you feel that Rogers is taking more then they should?
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